MultipleScattering.jl Documentation

A Julia library for simulating, processing, and plotting multiple scattering of acoustic waves.

The library uses the multipole method to solve the Helmholtz equation (time-harmonic waves). The multipole method is particularly efficient at solving scattering problems for particles in an infinite domain. This library is configured to use T-matrices to represent scattering from particles with any shape and properties. The package is setup to deal with different spatial dimensions and types of waves which satisfy Helmholtz equation's, e.g. acoustics, electromagnetism, elasticity. For details on some of the maths see Martin (1995) and Gower et al. (2017).


Install Julia v1.0 or later, then run

] # to enter the package mode
add MultipleScattering

Press backspace to exit the package mode.


You can learn to use this package through examples or through our manual, which starts with a simple Introduction.